Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Best Resort in the Maldives for a Luxury Honeymoon

We did it, finally! After many months choosing based on Facebook and Instagram photos. Plus Trip Advisor reviews and scouring the resort’s own websites. We finally decided on the very well reviewed Soneva Fushi.

Just one of many accommodation options at Soneva Fushi

We booked Soneva Fushi based on the natural beauty of the island, which is a great size. Plus the fact that there are nearby islands to visit. Then there were the villas; they have a superb collection, yet the resort doesn’t feel big. It is just the right size of having all the amenities we wanted, but without feeling like a big, impersonal hotel.

By the way, all photos on this page have been taken from the Only Exclusive Website web page for Soneva Fushi which can be found by clicking here: http://www.onlyexclusivetravel.co.uk/resort/soneva-fushi

White sand which is powdery and a jou to walk on

We booked with Only Exclusive Travel because they had reasonable prices and a great reputation. They have been going something like 25 to 30 years. They weren’t the cheapest nor the most expensive, but we loved the effort they put into making sure we had a great luxury honeymoon. They were happy to offer advice, make comparisons with other Maldives resorts and book our flights and awesome transfer to the island.

The ultimate luxury resort in the Maldives

Visit the official Soneva Fushi website for the most up to date information and more photos at http://www.soneva.com/soneva-fushi/

Visit amazing nearby coral reefs for scuba diving or snorkelling

Our Review of Soneva Fushi

This place has to be seen to be believed. The sand is whiter than we have ever seen before. Real powdery white, which feels amazing between your toes. They make full use of this by having minimal paving areas, making the use of flip-flops only required for the hottest times of the day.

The villa we chose was excellent. It included a personal butler, which was a new thing to us and actually made us a little uncomfortable at first. However, he soon put us at ease with his friendly manner and excellent English skills. He was always available but never invasive- perfect for a honeymoon when you want to make use of things like ordering a bottle of champagne or fresh towels.

We had already looked at photos of the rooms, so we knew what to expect, everything was as good if not better than we hoped. There were no signs of wear and tear and it was obvious the best materials had been used for everything. For example, the bedding was extremely clean and comfortable.

We decided to book a week, with a day island hopping and another day on the yacht owned by Soneva Fushi’s parent company. Everything was excellent. Clean snorkelling equipment, courteous staff to help my new wife on and off the boats. Plus we never felt rushed, the service was great.

The food was a mixed bag. They had some local delicacies and plenty of varied international cuisine. We had fun sampling new things as well as a few favourites like my beloved puttanesca pasta with pizza. On more than one occasion we had our butler bring us appetizers, which is something I could really get used to.

Overall it was superb. We would love to visit Soneva Fushi again and wouldn’t bother researching the other Maldives resorts next time. Maybe we can save up for our 5th anniversary, although we may need to return sooner as it was pretty much our perfect idea of paradise. 5 stars out of 5 from both of us!

Soneva Fushi Video

Why did I create My Maldives Honeymoon?

This blog is being created because I cannot take my eyes off the Maldives. Everyday in my Facebook feed I see amazing photos from one Maldives page I follow: https://www.facebook.com/Maldives.net.mv/. Take a look yourself and you will understand. It is a relentless barrage of photos of paradise islands and the stunning resorts which are built on them.
Last week I got married and my beautiful bride and I cannot take a honeymoon at this time. We need to replenish our piggy bank after years in southeast Asia. For a while we lived on a paradise island there called Boracay, where the turquoise waters, palm fringed white sand beaches and laid back life was paradise. But… the Maldives looks even better. Smaller islands with just as white sand as Boracay and just as clear, shallow waters.
The wedding came about rather quickly so not much thought was given to the honeymoon. The loose idea was Bali. I have been before and wanted a few weeks stationed in the hills of Ubud, with lots of trips to the natural wonders of the island- I believe there is at least one volcano, an attractive lake and extensive coastline. There are awesome rice paddies around Ubud, exploring the area on a motorbike is my fondest memory of Bali. Beaches wise I am not so sure- Kuta wasn’t my thing and I have seen only good photos of other beaches in Bali.
Therefore it was an easy decision today to declare the Maldives as our honeymoon destination. Why settle for good beaches in Bali when we can visit one or more tiny islands with amazing beaches?

This blog is going to act as my planning tool in a few ways:

  1.  I get to “brain dump” all those darn photos somewhere where I can come back later and reference them. By brain dump I mean it is a way to get the photos off my mind. Instead of longing for being on one of these amazing islands, I can save a photo and a few details here and come back to it later.
  2. By creating this blog I will gather information about the different islands and resorts, so that I can choose the perfect one for us. Notice that I didn’t say the best one. This is because the resorts in the Maldives look extremely luxurious (which is why I chose Luxurious as my blogger name). We will have a budget and it won’t allow for the most expensive resorts. plus maybe we will visit more than one?
  3. I have a feeling I won’t be happy visiting the Maldives for a single holiday. So we will have to research the different rates, regions, times of the year to visit, and even look into the possibility of spending an extended period of time in the Maldives. This blog will be my way of researching the Maldives as a place for our honeymoon, but also as a possible place to live or visit for as long as possible.
  4. Maybe with excellent research and writing I can turn this honeymoon planning tool into a way of spending an extended period of time in the Maldives. I feel like I want to be there. I want to live there. Maybe if this blog is actually a useful resource for other people I will attract advertisers and maybe even free nights at resorts in exchange for exposure here? Now that would be cool!
So let's see if we can make an awesome blog based on my research for our honeymoon next year. Collect lots of photos and details about the resorts here. Then blog about the honeymoon itself of course. A legit review ideally covering multiple islands.
Then if we fall in love with the Maldives maybe we can spend a lot of time there?
Will this blog be a messy personal notebook or will it be a high quality resource which can be used by other honeymooners? I want the second option. Let's see…